RLC-lab provides bespoke online research laboratory  support to industry and academia


Your remote laboratory partner enabling users to remotely connect to and directly control our systems to conduct experiments in real time

Our core strengths:

  • HPLC method development training provider

  • Synthesis of fragment chemistry libraries

  • Physical chemistry & DMPK screening service 


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Fragment chemistry

All compounds are synthesised in-house


Mol wt 100 to 220


Rotational bonds 0 to 3


High % sp3


logP -1 to 3


Aq solubility >2mM


Spiro & Unnatural amino acids


Purity >98%

Pre-weighed & plated

REmote Lab resources

Remotely connect to and directly control our HPLC systems to perform;

  • compound library synthesis & purification

  • LC method development & OTC analysis

  • Med/Phys chem screening, including;

    • logD/P measurement​

    • Solubility and Plasma binding

    • Metabolic stability

Physical Chemistry & DMPK screening service

Measurement of logP and logD

Solubility measurement

Metabolic stability screening


Metabolite isolation & purification



ATIC Innovation Centre


Loughborough LE11 3QF


email:  info@rlclab.com