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RLC LAB provides a unique online laboratory training service to industry and academia.


For industry we provide HPLC analysis and LCMS method development courses. The course content can be adapted to focus on the specific work skills required by the client for existing staff or new recruits

For universities we provide support for undergraduate practicals classes and advanced training courses for MSc and PhD students. All of the courses are performed remotely online with no limit on student numbers or time limits

Providing a unique learning experince

Online laboratory support

All of the practical course resources are delivered online

No limit on student numbers

No time limits

Course leader notes

We provide all of the lab notes & training materials - these are made available to users prior to their allocated time slot.

Top Security

All resources are web based

No software installation required

No personal login details required


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Remote laboratory control


Remote Laboratory Control
HPLC training - personalise your experience

We provide HPLC method development training courses to industry and academia. The course content can be adapted to focus on applications that are specific to different groups of learners.

Group discounts to people from the same company or university.

Courses are available every month of the year.  One person per HPLC system. Each successful trainee is awarded a digital certificate.

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Undergraduate practical laboratory classes

All of the practicals involve the use of HPLC systems. We offer a range of remote control experiments covering topics such as;

  • QC analysis: eg analysis of OTC medication products

  • Automated compound synthesis and purification

  • Compound metabolic stability measurement

  • Measurement of compound lipophilicity logP/D

The practicals are suitable for undergraduates studying;

  • Chemistry | Medicinal Chemistry | Environmental Chemistry

  • Biology | Biochemistry | Bioscience

  • Pharmacy | Pharmacology

  • Sports Science | Nutrition Science | Forensic Science


  • Up to 8 x HPLC systems per session

  • Either 1 or 2 students per HPLC system


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We've come a long way...

Like all companies, the pandemic forced a total re-think about our business model. As a result we have moved all activities online. For RLC LAB there is no going back!  Our new remote laboratory model is here to stay  -  with dramatic costs savings for clients (no travel & no hotel) and expansion of service offering, with global reach.

We come with > 25 years experience working in the pharma & biotech sectors.  A well equipped laboratory, with  industry standard equipment. Our training courses & undergraduate classes are designed to incorporate challenges & solutions encountered in research labs and industry, with the aim of providing relevant 'work skills' training.

What people are saying about...undergraduate online practical lab classes

“feedback from our students was incredibly positive - the RLC LAB remote service is an efficient & cost effective teaching resource that fits well with our undergraduate degree programmes.”

“excellent undergraduate teaching resource...we are excited to work with RLC LAB to develop additional remote experiments" 

“the instructions to run the experiment were clear and  well organized.

Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a practical resource to teach chromatography”

Analytical chemistry course leader (UK university)

Programme lead for Medicinal Chemistry (UK University)

Analytical chemistry course leader (USA university)

What people are saying about...HPLC method development training courses

“excellent instructor, made the material easy to understand. Concise review of theory and lots of practical experiments. Most importantly, instilled a sense of confidence that I could develop and troubleshoot my own HPLC protocols...the course was a huge help.”

“ we started by learning the basics & then how to optimise conditions to achieve the best separation. We had full instrument control & could see it running live via webcam!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on your HPLC course & felt much more confident" 

"my student has been brilliant and hands on problem solving since completing the course ! ...a great training experience and I would recommend including more students in the future”

PhD student: Biochemistry Dept

PhD student: Biology Dept

PhD supervisor:biohemistry Dept


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