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Fragment chemistry

Mol wt 100 to 220


Rotational bonds 0 to 3


High % sp3


logP -1 to 1


Aq solubility >10mM


Spiro compounds


Unnatural amino acids


Purity >98%

Pre-weighed & plated

Contact us for SDF file


Aqueous solubility is one of the key important parameters when evaluating hit compounds


We can screen solid compounds or DMSO stock solutions

Automated screen to remove DMSO and measure solubility in >99% aqueous buffer


Kinetic and thermodynamic measurements


Measurement of logP and logD

Shake flask and HPLC methodology

Solid samples or DMSO stocks

Automated screen to remove DMSO



Metabolic stability is one of the key filter decisions when progressing hit compounds




S9 fraction

Multi species

Solid samples or DMSO stock solutions


Non GLP early stage R&D

Automated online extraction of plasma samples - no sample preparation required

Fast turn around

High throughput

Measurement of key DMPK parameters

Example Fragement set: ImAc01


Good aqueous solubility and stability – data supplied :  Purity > 98%  : 

Based on unnatural amino acids :  Reduced amine pka – compounds are neutral at pH 7.4

Multiple reaction sites for SAR and hit-2-lead


Other imidazolidone sets available:  High % Sp3  :  Aromatic/heterocyclic


Contact us info@rlclab.com  for full set sdf file



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email:  info@rlclab.com